Because we value your loyalty


At Bite Size we believe in living by our own Principles.

If you are a Bite Size member, it means you’ve made a commitment to provide your clients with superior customer service in the form of award-winning accompaniments. We recognise that a choice like that is usually the sign of great operators committed to quality in all areas of their business and for that, we would like to reward you, the same way you reward your clients for their continued loyalty. This is our way of saying thank you for your continued support.


What Are Bite Size Rewards?

If you order from us for over 6 months and are spending over $200 each week, CONGRATULATIONS, you qualify for a Bite Size Rewards Credit! A Rewards Credit gives clients their own exclusive promotional fund that they can draw on to order a range of our spectacular products at no cost to them.

We know you don’t buy our delicious bite size morsels to simply feed the masses; you do it to differentiate your brand and make an impression with one ultimate goal: the pursuit of greatness.

Bite Size Rewards are designed to not only Reward you for having such amazing objectives in your business, but to actually help you achieve this goal by blowing away your clients and getting people talking about the wonderful things you are doing.

These credits are issued twice a year and are redeemable in stock from our impressive range, allowing you to spoil your customers with deluxe gifts and promote your business for FREE.

Do you have some great ideas but no budget, use your Rewards Credits to run a FREE Trial in the areas you deem fit? our award winning products.


What Can I Do With My Rewards Credit?

With every Rewards Credit issued you will also gain exclusive access to a Rewards Specialist that will make navigating your Rewards a piece of cake.

At the end of your power session they will work with you to place relevant orders and get the campaigns and initiatives you are passionate about off the ground!

Use Rewards Credits To…


Client Favourites

WWe have a wide range of products that you can redeem your credit on, from gourmet amenities to deluxe hampers, and you can even get custom branded items tailored with your logo. Click on the images below to see some of our clients favourite products for redeeming credit. To view our full product range click here.