Have you been to Europe, sat in a cafe, ordered a coffee and when your drink arrives you notice an unexpected treat on your spoon; a sweet treat that you probably didn’t even know you wanted until it was there looking at you. That is European hospitality.

Over a decade ago Bite Size opened with a dream to bring this custom to Australia; to revolutionise the customer experience to one of authentic hospitality.

Today Bite Size Group is a national distribution company that delivers premium Bite Size accompaniments to every corner of Australia – proudly supplying over 22 million Australians their daily dose of the divine in the form of exceptional Bite Size Coffee Treats.

Our award-winning products have each been specifically engineered to complement hot and cold drinks, enhancing your clients experience one bite at a time.

Whether it’s serving an award-winning Bite Size treat with your beverages, or treating your clients to an unexpected gift to show them you care, it’s the little things you do in business that define your reputation. Mediocre giveaways don’t create lasting impressions.
Our products have won over 170 Royal Fine Food Awards from the nation’s most prestigious judges including the extremely rare Award of Outstanding Excellence.

Request a sample today!

Request a sample today!