Winners of over 190 royal fine food awards

Bite Size have earned over 190 Royal Fine Food Awards in the last 11 years from the nation’s most prestigious Royal Fine Food competitions.

Fine Foods engage the most experienced and respected judges in the industry including food technologists, chefs, manufacturers, product retailers, and product users, in the hunt to find the best Australian food products on offer. To win an award means that all 5 expert judges agree that your product is truly something special.

2012 Award of Outstanding Excellence

In 2012, Bite Size was awarded the Award of Outstanding Excellence, an exceptional honour bestowed by Royal Fine Foods Sydney when a product that has already received a Gold and Champion medal in that year, achieves a perfect score by a final judging panel.

The Award has only ever been awarded to three other products since its conception thirty years ago.

2022 Annual Royal Tasmanian Fine Food Champion

The Royal Tasmanian Fine Food Awards is the oldest and most respected competition in Australia and recognises the finest Australian food producers.

“In the Sydney Royal Fine Food shows, we reward those companies who transform fantastic raw ingredients into outstanding products such as these Bite Size Coffee Treats. The RSA of NSW uses qualified, independent judging panels and maintains the same hight standards every year. An Award of Outstanding Excellence really is something very special.“

Lydney Milan, Celebrity Chef & Founding Chair, Sydney Royal Fine Food Awards

“This biscuit could not be made any better. It’s certainly the best biscuit in Australia, we know that hands down already”

Fast Ed, Celebrity Chef