At Bite Size we believe in living by our own principles.

If you are a Bite Size member, it means you’ve made a commitment to provide your clients with superior customer service in the form of award-winning accompaniments. We recognise that a choice like that is usually the sign of great operators committed to quality in all areas of their business and for that, we would like to reward you, the same way you reward your clients for their continued loyalty. This is our way of saying thank you for your continued support.


If you have been ordering with us for over 6 months and are spending over $200 each week, CONGRATULATIONS, you qualify for a Bite Size Rewards Credit! A Rewards Credit gives clients their own exclusive promotional fund that they can draw on to order a range of our spectacular products at no cost to them.

We know you don’t buy our delicious bite size morsels to simply feed the masses; you do it to differentiate your brand and make an impression with one ultimate goal: the pursuit of greatness.

Bite Size Rewards is designed to not only Reward you for having such amazing objectives in your business, but to actually help you achieve this goal by blowing away your clients and getting people talking about the wonderful things you are doing.

These credits are issued twice a year and are redeemable in stock from our impressive range, allowing you to spoil your customers with deluxe gifts and promote your business for FREE.

Do you have some great ideas but no budget, use your Rewards Credits to run a FREE Trial in the areas you deem fit?


With every Rewards Credit issued you will also gain exclusive access to a Rewards Specialist that will make navigating your Rewards a piece of cake.

At the end of your power session they will work with you to place relevant orders and get the campaigns and initiatives you are passionate about off the ground!


  • Reward your loyal clients or VIPs with deluxe gifts
  • Promote your business with branded incentives to create word of mouth and encourage brand awareness
  • Run a marketing campaign
  • Create a call to action to get people through the door
  • Trial what using our range of products could do in other areas of your business
  • Trial an incredible initiative you have been milling over for a while but didn’t have a budget for.



We have a wide range of products that you can redeem your credit on, from gourmet amenities to deluxe hampers, and you can even get custom branded items tailored with your logo. Click on the images below to see some of our clients favourite products for redeeming credit.



To find out more or to see if you qualify for Bite Size Rewards, click below to contact our friendly staff today.





a. To qualify for a Rewards Credit clients must meet the following criteria:

  • They have been ordering consistently for a period of 6 months or more
  • Their average weekly spend over this 6 month period is $200/week or more
  • They are currently an active Bite Size client placing regular orders when credits are being issues

b. To qualify for a Rewards Credit in April or October, clients must have placed a minimum of 6 months’ worth of orders at such time. Should they not qualify, a credit will not be issued until the following cycle, when they do qualify.

c. Average spend is calculated based on the net total spend (ex. GST) during the 6 months predating credit issue month averaged over the number of weeks within that period (usually 26). This figure does not include tax or freight.

d. If you are a group of sites that have opted to operate as one to qualify for higher level rewards, please note that the promotional fund will be attached to the parent account of the group.

e. The client forfeits all existing rewards credits and future credits pending, once they have ceased placing regular* orders with Bite Size. Note: this takes effect once a period of 5 consecutive weeks has passed without an order. This condition does not apply for situations where orders have not been placed on account of emergency circumstances or closure periods. *Regular order denotes the average weekly spend over the previous 6-month period.

f. Clients who have experiences a substantial drop in orders of 50% or more for 3 consecutive weeks or are undergoing a trial of a competing product, acknowledge that any pending rewards credits owing for the current rewards period (Period 1: October – March. Period 2: April – September) will be calculated based on their lowest weekly order value. Should the client return to their usual weekly order before the end of the rewards period for 4 or more weeks this clause may be lifted subject to approval from management.

g. Rewards credits cannot be applied to previous invoices or paid out. The client understands that they are not an accounting credit; they are promotional fund that can be redeemed in stock from nominated products.



a. Rewards orders must be placed 7 days prior to delivery of goods.

b. Rewards orders incur freight and GST. Your Rewards Credit will reduce by the total amount of the Rewards Order. If the client is within local delivery perimeters or is marked FIS, freight will not be charged.

c. Rewards orders must meet the minimum order of $150, or an additional $11 charge may apply.

d. Please note that rewards orders placed for dispatch during November or December can only draw a maximum of 40% of total order (less buckets) from Rewards Credits. These two months already see our production team at capacity; drawing 100% upon rewards credits during this time would flood production and hinder our ability to meet all order requests during this busy period.

e. Any new or special product ranges that are released throughout the year, may only be available on rewards if stipulated in writing; please note if this is the case, only 40% will be payable via rewards fund.