What brings you here?

You Want to Grow
Everybody no matter how well they are doing could be doing that tiny bit better – greatness is defined in the small things. Bite Size is a gourmet I percenter that adds extraordinary value to your client experience and is proven to bring more clients through your doors. What you do with those clients is entirely up to you! The math is simple, more customers = more profit; the only issue you will have is finding the time to spend it.

Find out how Bite Size biscuits pay for themselves, with our break-even calculator.

You understand that culture = brand
Your brand is your reputation and in hospitality, reputation is everything. The road to success is easy: define what makes you different and be consistent at it! Loyal followers will amass that appreciate your points of difference, and they will LOVE you for them. Make Bite Size a brand standard and foodies will follow.

The great thing about identify is that once you know WHO you are, your clients will see it too! And even if a time comes when they find themselves cheating on you, with a drink made by someone else’s hand, they will be thinking of you…

You have a love for the finer things in life
You have been on the complimentary train for some time now, you understand the value of samples, complimentary gestures and exceptional customer service, and you only just discovered that there is a product out there that not only embodies the very values you stand for, but is ABSOLUTELY EXQUISITE, with a cabinet full of awards to prove it.

Best. Things. Small. Packages.

How many AWARDS exactly are we talking about?