Frequently Asked questions

What makes Bite Size different from other biscuit companies?
Unlike your average biscuit company, we are not in the business of selling biscuits. We are in the business of helping other businesses create a point of difference. Our customers come to us because they are interested in transforming their client experience through the use of our complimentary bites and we consider it our mission to help them do so. Our team is made up of hospitality veterans that take the time to understand your world and your needs, because we understand each business is different. As you start to deal with us you start to realise that we’re not about pushing stock, but building wonderful long term relationships because for us it’s personal, it’s about reputation, not just the bottom line.
Do you make larger biscuits?
If you are after a biscuit to buy and sell, we’re probably not the company for you. The good news is there is a range of products out there that meet this description so no doubt you will find something in the size you are after. Our focus is delicious Bite Size treats – made to the size of petit fours or smaller. Did you know small is the new black? People are over big chunky cakes and perfect Bite Size portions mean no labour costs and next to no wastage. The beauty of small is that you can always add more, which make them a perfect solution for conferencing and functions and as well as the perfect size for promotional marketing. If retail is your interest, we do offer a retail range, which are particularly popular as instead of one single biscuit your customers received 10 award-winning flavours in every pack.
Why a 4 month trial?
Serving a Bite Size treat with your beverages only works to create a point of difference for your brand and improve your customer service offering if your clients know that they will get something every time. The concept rests on a principle of repeat exposure to the great things you are doing. Only after a few visits can they be sure know that these added extras are a regular part of your service and only with that knowledge can they start to sing your praises with certainty. Reputation takes time to build, but once strong travels quickly! Without allowing it the 4 months you will never know the full impact the initiative could have upon your business.
Why is consistency so important?
The only reason any customer returns to any business is due to the promise that their next experience will be at least as good as their last. Choosing to serve Bite Size with your beverages is an amazing commitment to ensuring your customer service is of the highest level. Serving a treat though with every second coffee, or just with dine-in, might make sense to you, but only confuses your clients and leave them feeling disappointed rather than impressed.

Creating a point of difference for your brand is great! It’s how successful businesses rise above the rest. The concept however rests on one important principle. The brand identity you are forming needs to be clear, not confusing. It needs to be consistent, without complex rules. And most importantly it needs to happen 100% of the time. That is the only way to know whether the effort you are putting in is benefiting the brand. If consistency is vital to business success, inconsistency is a guaranteed method for business failure.

How do I monitor whether the accompaniments have made any impact
The answer to this depends on your goal. Did you want to improve your customer service standards to elevate your business reputation even further? Did you want to cement the clients you already have before a competitor opens next door or achieve growth? Ask yourself, are your clients happy? Are you selling retail? Have you noticed you maintained your takings in a time of flux? It’s very easy to determine whether biscuits have impacted your coffee/tea sales. Make a note of the number of drinks going out each week at the beginning of your trial. Review this number after a period of 3-4 months to see whether you are selling more drinks per week! If the answer to this question was not yet, ask yourself, would we be in business?
What wastage should we expect to have?
Your objection in any business is to please the majority – which means you will have a minority of people who cannot eat the products. Industry standard sits at around 5-10% as acceptable level of wastage or 1 in every 10-20 biscuits coming back. If you map that out per week we are probably talking about a cost of a few extra dollars only, which you are guaranteed to get back in growth and retail sales.
Why shouldn't we ask clients to minimise wastage?
You don’t ask your clients whether they want the garnish aside their steak when taking their order because it’s already been factored into the cost of the plate. Whether it is eaten or not is irrelevant – the power is in the gesture. In serving a Bite Size treat with your coffee or wine, the power is in the impression the products make on the receiver. They carry a message of appreciation, service and quality, regardless of whether they are eaten or not. By asking your clients whether they want a biscuit you cheapen the gesture and place them in a position where they will likely say no, because that’s what human nature tells us to say, even when really we may have enjoyed and appreciated it!
Can I have the products semi-exclusively in my area?
If it’s important for you that you maintain a competitive advantage over your key competitors, we are more than happy to lock off your direct zone so that you can do exactly that! When we work together it means we will not work with anyone directly around you, allowing a fair platform to create a point of difference with a product that no one else can access.
Will serving a Bite Size treat with coffees or drinks interfere with my food or cake sales?
What usually happens when you have something salty or sweet, is that you want more of it – certainly not less! 10 years in business has taught us that a 3-6g bite won’t stop someone who had their eyes on a piece of cake or a bowl of fries. What it will do though is open the appetite of those who weren’t planning on getting anything in the first place…
When should I start selling retail?
Our clients tell us that usually after a month of consistently serving Bite Size with their coffees, their clients start to ask to buy them. This is the perfect point to introduce our retail range that can subsidise the cost of the complementary biscuits
Why do you call me for an order?
We both know you have a lot on your plate to organise! Imagine if we expected you to remember order cut-offs and transit times for all your suppliers as well! We give you a courtesy call because;

  • We know how easy it is to miss our order cut-offs.
  • Sometimes it can take up to a week in transit to get to you, meaning sometimes we have to think about next weeks order this week.
  • Some items require preparation time, which could jeopardise you getting exactly what you want when you want it.
  • And most importantly, we don’t want you to run out of stock and have to contend with disappointed customers.
How do I get around food allergies?
1. Do not give nut products to children
2. Pop up our flavour menu, which separates products into Nuts and Non- Nuts for easy recognition
3. Keep a jar labelled NUT and one labelled NON-NUT
4. Rest assured those with allergies usually know to check before eating something they haven’t ordered
What's in your products?
We are committed to using whole ingredients, local suppliers and natural flavours where possible. All our products contain gluten, though it might interest you to know that ONLY approx.1% of Australians are allergic to gluten. Our products also contain dairy in the form of real Australian butter and depending on the flavour, traces of soy, egg and tree nuts. Please refer to nutritional info sent in your first order or if you are missing this please feel free to contact to request it be resent.
What are the most popular flavours?
If a flavour isn’t popular we discontinue it, so rest assured our 12 award-winning flavours are loved equally! Each market is different and part of the fun is figuring out what your clients enjoy most. We recommend you trial the full range and decide for yourself! That said you cannot go wrong with classics like Choc Chip, White Choc Macadamia & Anzac!
Do I get a high volume discount?
In order to guarantee the quality of our products does not waiver, we have a one price policy. This means everyone pays the same price regardless of volume. That said we have a great way of rewarding high volume users via our rewards program, commencing from the end of your trial. Ask us for more info.